Ayurvedic massage course in Maitreyi, Tamil Nadu (India)

The course will introduce you in Ayurveda , the oldest knowledge of life. You will be able to use and choose all the best ayurvedic kind of classic massage. Your preparation is based on the Indian government instrunctions. You will be able to continue in Maitreyi or in the best schools of the world (if you are Italian will have Csen certification for Italian Government too) In the ayurvedic olistic best way we will find together the time and the matters of your studies starting from your needing. One day, three days , a week or a month, in the morning or in the afternoon.... we will choose together you and / or the group. COURSE FEES This will be including your stay, all meals, course materials and all sessions. Kindly mail us at info@maitreyivedic.in for more details. YOUR STAY AND MEALS Accomodation in beautiful traditional style cottages built as per the ancient vedic science of Vaastu, sprawled in the lush green campus of Maitreyi. Satvik indian vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in our dinning hall. Meals will include fruits and organic vegetables grown at the village farm.

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